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 Maxine's Rum Cakes

Customer Feedback 

"Excellent Cake   

The flavors taste great together"

"I liked the Strong rum flavor "  


"Loved this cake Amazing taste soft and sweet"

Rum Cake is known by a variety of names, including wedding cake, Christmas cake, or black cake, due to its dark appearance. It is a variation on the traditional English fruit cake that calls for fruit to be soaked in dark rum. The longer the mixture is soaked, the better and more intense the flavour will be.

Family Recipe

The recipe that I use for my cakes has been passed down from my Grandmother and is a well kept family secret.  I use the finest ingredients which include fruits finely blended and soaked for months in Mount Gay Barbados rum.  My essences and spices are sources from Barbados which gives the cakes a delicious flavour.

My cakes are all home made with love and passion - I can often be found dancing around the kitchen to some Reggae or SOCA music – while preparing the cakes!!!!

Rum Fruit Cake
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Small Loaf £20
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Vegan Rum Fruit Cake
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Small Loaf £25
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6" Round £40
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8" Round £50
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10" Round £70
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6" Round £45
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8" Round £55
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10" Round £75
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Please note a £15 charge will be added to each cake order if  delivery is requested 

Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay rum differs from other island rums because everything inside of the bottle is inherently Bajan. The coral filtered water that they use to make the rum is harvested from the island, the natural open-air yeast that interacts with the breeze of the island. Another way that Barbados comes through in the rum is the molasses that are made in Barbados during the fermentation process. As a child visiting my Grandmother in Alexander St Lucy I always knew I was getting close to her home by the smell of the molasses from the sugar cane factory. 


My late parents were from Barbados an Island that I love and spent over 30 years visiting at least 3 times a year. 

Barbados is a small friendly island Bridgetown, the capital, is a cruise-ship port. Around the island are beaches, botanical gardens, the Harrison’s Cave formation, and 17th-century plantation houses like St. Nicholas Abbey. Local traditions include cricket, the national sport. Saturday relaxing eating cou cou & flying fish or pudding and souse.

In November 2021 Barbados became a republic, meaning that The Queen is no longer Head of State, though the island nation will remain part of the Commonwealth.

Dame Sandra Mason is now President of Barbados, having served as as Governor General (The Queen's representative in Barbados) from 2018. She was voted President-elect by the people of Barbados in October 2021.

Capital: Bridgetown

Population: 287,371 (2020) World Bank

Currency: Barbados Dollar

Prime ministerMia Mottley

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